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Ozark Publishing is ready to help with your projects as well as take suggestions for our future projects.



Ozark Publishing Co. Would be glad to give a price quote on any book publishing project you might have like songbooks, cookbooks, children’s books, periodicals,  or other printed books.  We can help with typesetting, cover design, printing, binding, and graphic needs and any other needs you might have to make your project a reality.


Ozark Publishing Co. would be glad to give a price quote on any typesetting needs you might have.

Foreign Missions Songs:

Ozark Publishing Co. would be glad to help in getting songs translated and approved by the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite Publication Board for any song or songbook that needs or has been translated. If you would email us the info and your field secretary contact information, we would endeavor to get the song translated for you as quickly as possible. Our hope would be that we could help cut down on the many different translations that are circulated in the field. However this kind of thing can take some time but we would be willing to do what we can.


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